Data Driven Sales Strategies

Data Driven Sales Strategies

by mimi

Avoid Management by Suspicion

“We suspected that was happening, but we couldn’t prove it.” This is a customer quote after subscribing to Glocent PRIME+. By correctly collecting salient data and listening to what it wants to tell you, management by suspicion is replaced with fact-based strategies.

Deploy Fact-based Strategies

When organizations develop “close enough is good enough” sales and compensation strategies, they are certain to miss opportunities to motivate underperformers, fail to effectively reward high achievers, and limit profit potential.

Sales Transaction Value

“The devil is in the details” is a familiar phrase to most people. In the sales compensation world, however, the more applicable phrase is, “The future is in the details.” Accurate transaction analysis, combined with predictive capabilities, reveal where your current path will take you and what must change in order to achieve new objectives.

Diverse Sales Models Capture Uncommon Opportunities

In sales compensation, a one-size-fits-all approach seldom produces maximum results. Sales forces are as unique as fingerprints and snowflakes. Glocent PRIME+ takes users down a path of discovery that is certain to introduce them to unexplored incentive strategies.

Transparent Workflow

How would you like to manage your compensation workflow? Depending on your unique objectives, Glocent PRIME+ supports:

  • Invoice creation
  • Revenue realization
  • Dispute resolution
  • Adjustments and credits
  • Workflow authorization