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Managed Services • Data Psychology • Predictive Analytics • Risk Mitigation • Reliable Results





Predictive Sales Strategies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Historical Patterns Unveil Future Strategies
  • Meet Our Data Psychologist
  • Listening to Your Data
  • Eliminate Guesswork

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Sales Compensation as a Managed Service
  • Personal Process Support
  • Leverage Our Collective Experience
  • Maximize Resource Utilization
  • DISRUPT Inefficient Practices
  • Configuration Project Management
  • Incentive Consulting

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Data Driven Sales Strategies
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  • Avoid Management by Suspicion
  • Deploy Fact-based Strategies
  • Sales Transaction Value
  • Diverse Sales Models Capture Uncommon Opportunities
  • Transparent Workflow

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Glocent Makes It Possible
  • Process Millions of Sales Transactions Daily
  • Flexible Plan Modeling and Assignments
  • Virtual Hierarchies
  • Territory Management
  • Full-service Compensation Management
  • Effective-dated Promotional Incentives
  • Limitless Variables
  • Revenue and Product-centric Sales Models

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Glocent PRIME+: The premiere solution for Sales Compensation Management

Frequently asked Questions

BPMaaS involves the complete management of business processes and puts users in charge of those processes. In many ways, BPMaaS differentiates enterprise cloud computing from the more common consumer cloud computing. Proprietary and unique business processes often comprise strategic advantages that help companies differentiate themselves from competitors. BPMaaS covers the full lifecycle of business processes, from their conception, design implementation and optimization coupled with a robust workflow engine. By transitioning business processes and their administration from client users to the owner of a subscription-based service, greater efficiencies and economies of scale are achieved.

The time to set up a personalized instance of Glocent PRIME+ for a new subscriber ranges between ten and sixteen weeks.  During that time, we conduct a review of your current sales compensation processes, document the acceptance criteria that will govern the implementation, personalize Glocent to your unique business objectives and processes and test all facets of the system.


Among the specific considerations that determine the time it takes to activate your Glocent PRIME+ subscription are:


1–the size of the sales force,

2–the number and variations of products and services in the product catalogue,

3–the volume of transactions and the complexity of the data validation rules,

4–the number of data sources, sales plans, and hierarchies.


Once we quantify these variables, we can estimate the time required to personalize Glocent for you.

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