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An Explanation of Glocent

Glocent is a unique automated web-based IT solution designed to meet a medium to large company’s sales incentive management needs. With Glocent, a company can rest assured that their incentive payments to their sales department are accurate and cost effective. Glocent also creates  detailed and SOX compliant reports of all sales incentive compensation activity.

How does Glocent do all of this?

Our product is designed to calculate and track sales incentive activity using your sales data and detailed incentive plan information. Because we focus exclusively on incentive compensation management, Glocent provides 100% accurate results. Incentive payments are error-free because they are based on real data, not subjective self-reporting by individual sales people. Our automated incentive calculation process takes the guesswork out of compensation plan management and sales commission payments. With Glocent, everyone from your front-line sales representatives to the CFO can be confident that sales incentive calculations are error-free.

Glocent’s Calculation Process: An Overview

  • Compensation plans and employee information are uploaded upon installation
  • Sales data is uploaded to Glocent
  • Glocent analyzes sales data and calculates incentive payments
  • Incentive activity reports are generated by the system
  • Payment information is available to payroll
  • Activity reports are available for viewing
  • Individual sales people can view their sales activities at any time
  • Compensation disputes are handled on-line where all facts and figures are clearly presented

Glocent’s web-based functionality creates complete financial transparency and ease of use. Glocent ICM can be hosted on your internal server, or it can be cloud-based on one of our servers, allowing for secure access to the system at any time and from any place with a web-enabled computer. Your compensation plans are accessible 24/7 via the web so that modifications can be made when necessary. All users can view their detailed incentive compensation reports any time via any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

The Glocent Guarantee

Glocent is so confident that our software can provide error-free incentive calculations and activity reports that we offer an industry leading guarantee. This assurance of quality incentive management is also backed by ongoing dialogue between Glocent and your company along with 24/7 customer support.

Glocent Architecture

How it worksGlocent implementation at a customer site.

  • A simple browser (like Internet Explorer) is all that is needed to access the Glocent application by any authorized user without having to install any software on individual machines.
  • Data from one or multiple sources that contain sales or performance information is imported into Glocent through its proprietary import feature.
  • Users are defined by type and have different levels of access to the application.
  • A person in charge of commissions can access the commission rules as well as the system configuration parameters while an individual sales person may only have access to their individual reports.
  • Reporting is accessed online by all allowed users and can be downloaded to Excel or in PDF format if desired.

Glocent implementation hosted at our data center.

  • Same features and functionality as our on-site solution.  Accessed via browser.
  • Multiple data sources containing sales or performance information are imported via file transfers, or direct data entry.

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