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Time Warner Cable Chooses Glocent

As reported in leading European business magazine CXO, Time Warner cable company has chosen Glocent to manage their incentive compensation management strategies. In large companies like Time Warner, managing variable sales incentive schedules can be a nightmare, with several different departments working together to make sure that sales representatives are paid for their hard work. Traditionally, companies use outdated systems like spread sheets or old software to calculate and manage incentive compensation payments like commissions and bonuses. Now, Glocent uses cutting edge business technology and the latest in IT solutions to provide businesses with an automated system that calculates sales incentive compensation automatically. Time Warner, the second-largest cable company in the U.S., saw the value in Glocent's automated ICM system. Even though they were such a large and successful company, they had been manually entering sales data into spreadsheets in order to calculate commissions and bonuses for their sales team. Scott Henry, Direct Sales Director for Time Warner's New York office told CXO, “Prior to installing Glocent, we had to manually check all the orders to make sure they would roll up, and then reconcile them with the download from our system... If the sales administration team got behind, it was not atypical for them to get backed up with three weeks worth of data.” With Glocent, Time Warner's ICM system moves much more efficiently. The Glocent software uses a proprietary upload system to get actual sales data from company-provided sources like SAP software or other sales tracking software. Then the program automatically calculates incentive compensation payments using the schedules that sales executives input into the system, as well as providing 100% accurate and SOX compliant reports. Executives can modify and view ICM schedules from any computer with an Internet connection, and sales representatives can also view individual reports of their commission activity. This system allows everyone to know exactly what is happening with sales incentives at any given time and eliminates the use of spreadsheets.

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