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The Benefits of a Mobile ICM Tool

ICM, or incentive compensation management, is an important process in managing sales team performance. There are many ICM software solutions that claim to be automated and web-based, but their features don't always allow for seamless integration with other business process software or mobile access by sales representatives and executives. To work in the fast-paced world of business today, companies need their sales teams to be able to access accurate and up to date sales records on the fly. Glocent provides an ICM tool that not only automatically calculates incentive compensation payments, but also allows users to access the software from mobile devices. Glocent is web-based, meaning that the software is hosted on a secure server instead of on individual computers located in company offices. This means that any user anywhere can access the software using a secure Internet connection. Users are granted different levels of access so that sales executives can log into the software and make changes to incentive compensation schedules, sales quotas and other high level functions. With this easy access to changes, sales executives can easily implement new incentive programs. Sales team also benefit from being able to access individual sales commission or quota reports from their laptop or mobile device. With mobile access, a sales representative can see their progress toward their quota or get an accurate report of their upcoming sales incentive payment. This makes sales teams more motivated and trusting that their managers have their best interests at heart. With instant and accurate reports, sales representatives can get that extra motivation to exceed expectations, and the entire company benefits from increased sales and efficiency.  

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