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SAP Partnership


“The partnership between SAP and Glocent makes both business’s stronger & validates Glocent’s position in the Sales Transaction Intelligence market.”

  • For current and future SAP clients, Glocent’s certification to inter face directly with its ERP solution will reduce implementation time and expense.  Glocent accepts any data stored within SAP (including: Sales Details, HR, Contacts Terms, Call Tracking, Inventory, etc) that can be used for calculating incentives and evaluating Sales Transaction Intelligence.
  • Additionally, Glocent’s proprietary data loder will accept data form a limitless number of other sources. If data is available that can be used to compliment data retrieved from SAP, input need not be limited to a single data source or system.
  • The recently formed partnership between Glow Technologies and SAP to offer Glocent as a “plug-in” solution will create a significant advantage for SAP clients.  Customers will be able to configure Glocent in a fraction of the time a non-SAP installation requires; and they will enjoy over 70% savings compared to standard implementations.

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