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The other two traits of consistency and accuracy can only be meaningfully achieved if you combine them with the third attribute of transparency.

Until everyone who uses the solution that generates commission pay is able to see what is actually behind those payments, no one can really be completely confident that the solution is either consistent or accurate. This is especially true when your incentives are based on a large number of sales variables that may impact how your commissions are calculated. Rare is the situation where a sales person is paid a straight percentage of the revenue he generates, or based on the individual products he sells.

On top of quotas, splits, promotions and product bundling, there are literally hundreds of other variables that might be used to determine how you are commissioned for a sale. Unless you are able to view how all those variables impact your commission payment, how confident can you be that all the rules and formulas have been applied correctly?

You may track your sales very closely in your CRM or sales tracking tool; but these applications are not designed to consider all the factors your company may consider when determining how it elects to reward a sale. For that, you need access to the all the information contained in the solution used to evaluate your sales and calculate your incentives. It isn’t even possible if your company is still using spreadsheets to track sales and calculate payments.

If you question the accuracy of your incentive payments, or feel frustrated because you don’t have confidence in your current compensation management process, ask your manager to look into Glocent. It will make you both more successful and your lives more enjoyable.


Transparency at the speed you do business!