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As the front-line leader of a sales team, you are pulled in multiple directions each day you show up at the office. We suspect that seldom a day passes without you taking time to:

  • Respond to a team member’s complaint about his or her commission payment
  • Report to your supervisor about your team’s performance against quota
  • Receive a request to devise a more effective sales plan
  • Review your team’s performance for the pay cycle
  • Reassess if your compensation plans are meeting your objectives

In order to accommodate data being imported from many different sources, and the inherent errors that can be contained in such disparate data, it is inevitable that your compensation administrators will need to make modifications to the data contained in Glocent. These can range from minor errors embedded in the billing, order processing, or other data being imported into your SCM processes; or limitations in other systems that can’t account for record overwriting or commission splits; or, simply making manual adjustments to account for corrections.

In each case, Glocent understands the importance of creating an audit trail of any changes being made to your sales plans, product definitions, or sales transaction data. Regardless of the change that is made within the system, Glocent’s logging process will account for the change that was made, who made it; and requires a comment being entered for any change that impacts the incentive record.

Perhaps you, more than anyone else who touches the compensation management process needs complete transparency into the process. While you may not become directly involved in managing the details, you need access to them to do your job.

Glocent meets that requirement on many levels. Most important, perhaps, is its design; which was specifically focused on accommodating very large amounts of data. If you are being forced to work with just summarized data, you are trying to do your job with your eyes closed and one arm tied behind your back. Information is power; and if you don’t have full access to all the information that impacts your sales revenues, you aren’t leveraging that power. Next, information is only as useful as the analytics available to evaluate it. Glocent provides a view into the details; but augments that with Intelligent Reports, which assist a business in effectively leveraging its transactional information.

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