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Sales Compensation Management versus Sales Performance Management

Sales organizations face certain challenges in managing sales performance, not the least of which is analyzing critical Sales Transaction Intelligence (STI). Many on-demand, Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions focus on subjective, hard to quantify, sales performance measurements; and often rely on the sales team to measure their own progress. When the sales team is responsible for reporting their own sales, costly misreporting and calculation errors will occur. When this happens, everyone is working with inaccurate information; and implementing new sales strategies and calculating meaningful incentives becomes impossible.

In order to run efficiently, sales organizations need to accurately measure a sales force’s performance, based on accurate sales intelligence. Unfortunately, this remains one of the greatly untapped elements of sales performance management. Most, if not all, on-demand SPM solutions cannot accommodate the limitless variables and voluminous data needed for comprehensive STI analysis. Without a solid SCM tool, which accurately evaluates a company’s transaction intelligence, then convert that into Business Profitability Intelligence, an SPM solution can create more problems than it solves.

Sales organizations can only leverage a Sales Performance Management solution to the extent that it captures pertinent STI. By providing solid SCM capabilities, Glocent offers sales and finance organizations a way to accurately analyze transaction intelligence, measure sales performance and easily manage the full spectrum of sales incentives. Glocent’s focus on STI enables companies to reliably compensate their sales teams for actual performance, while significantly reducing the ability to “game” the system.

Glocent’s infinitely flexible and robust SCM solution benefits sales organizations in several ways:

  • Uses quantifiable sales data to calculate sales commission payments
  • Provides 100% accurate and reliable incentive reports to sales managers and executives
  • Full mobility for application management and reporting
  • Easy implementation of new sales commission strategies
  • Tailored to fit the unique needs of the sales organization
  • Automates dispute resolution
  • Captures critical sales transaction intelligence


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