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As a member of your sales force, you were likely provided with a contract, sales agreement or some other document that outlines the expectations of the job and how you will be compensated for performing it. Sales plans are usually fairly straightforward and sales reps set out to match their performance to the rewards provided for reaching specified objectives.

How often, however, have you found yourself in the position of striving to meet certain benchmarks only to discover, after the fact, that you fell just short; or worse, some arbitrary decision changed the rules on you. So much for motivation, right?

Glocent set out to remove this dynamic from your life. Because it provides for full transparency down to the transactional level, your employer can provide you with complete access to your sales data; so everyone can see the information upon which your compensation is determined. This is not just available when your receive your check; but if requested, your sales data can be made available to you every day.

Additionally, unlike some solutions out there, Glocent will present your information in a very efficient, yet detailed, format so you don’t have to search for information in order to clarify questions.

There should be no more surprises!


Transparency at the speed you do business!