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Recognizing Business Inefficiencies

Have you recently implemented a new software system only to discover that it doesn't meet your objectives or created limitations you didn't anticipate?  For many organizations, the decision to cut its losses and abandon a bad idea is difficult to make.  Often times, businesses will endure great frustrations and costly vendor support simply to avoid taking another step into the unknown with a different solution or provider. Sadly, this occurs far too often with solutions designed to support Sales Compensation Management.  With promises of accuracy, transparency and reliability, companies will commit to a new sales performance management system with great hopes of improved accountability and efficiency.  I recently heard of a company that installed a new SPM tool across its national organization.  Less than two years later, that company has now elected to revert back to using spreadsheets to calculate commissions; because the automated solution became so unreliable and inaccurate. The person with whom I spoke said that the executive who selected the system is about to retire.  The plan is for the existing system to be replaced as soon as that happens.  Why wait?  Because those who work for that executive have not shared the depth and breadth of the problem with him for fear it might hinder their careers. In the meantime, the sales force has been rendered less productive; because it has reverted back to the practice of shadow accounting created by the current system's problems. In circumstances like these, would you be willing to acknowledge the inefficiency and relay the facts; or, will you assume the passive role and allow your organization to flounder under avoidable limitations?

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