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Pairing Social Media Powerhouses With CRM

You have likely noticed that the inevitable pairing of customer relationship management and social media. There are so many options for marketing and information gathering in social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that the possibilities are nearly endless. Such sites offer a terrific way to not only reach your customers and clients, but also to communicate smoothly and in real time. It makes perfect sense that these would link together.  After all, communication is the cornerstone for creating and keeping customer relationships strong. Many customer relationship management experts are hailing social media as a big way to enhance a business's operations, and for good reason. Social media is a vital channel to providing companies with a solid way to not only engage customers, but to also gather plenty of data on them. Social CRM is booming because most companies recognize this is an efficient, and, more importantly, cost effective tool. Believe it or not, for all of its brevity, Twitter is being touted as the leader in merging social media with CRM. Boiling it down, however, the reasons are obvious. It brings together a community of people who are very open with their peers in a single location. This offers quite a lot of benefit in the dialogue, both good and bad, about the businesses they use. Results from surveys come in lightening fast. Real time results mean real time data and this helps companies to better asses the needs of their client bases. However, this works two ways. If a customer or client posits a direct question to a company using Twitter, the company can respond exactly the same way. It's important for businesses to leverage this to its utmost potential and embrace the real time response to better serve customers. Automating that process is vital. Other venues are stepping up and also becoming very useful to businesses. Companies can use Youtube to their advantage by creating funny, informative videos that not only spread the word, but obtain comments and important information about their clients. Facebook fanpages have been in use for quite some time now, but not only can companies obtain opinions via the page itself, the stats about interaction and engagement are also key. The list goes on and on, but one thing is certain: with so many possibilities, tying your social media into CRM is an important step in keeping it all together.      

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