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Managing Sales Quotas to Improve Performance

Companies that want to integrate Customer Relationship Management strategies by using technology to improve efficiency of sales processes need to consider all aspects of sales performance management, including sales quotas, incentive compensation and motivational strategies for the sales team. While there are many IT solutions for integrating and automating other business processes, sales performance management software can be lacking. This can be especially true with software designed to calculate sales incentive compensation like commissions and quotas. Sales quota management can be one of the more complicated business processes related to sales performance management, even though sales quotas are a very good way to motivate teams and improve performance. Problems arise when there isn’t a reliable way to track sales and know whether representatives are meeting their quotas. What businesses who want to improve sales performance management need is an integrated solution for sales incentive compensation tracking. Glocent offers this solution. With Glocent, companies can connect incentive compensation to their sales data. The software automatically tracks and records all sales and calculates incentives, quotas and bonuses. Sales managers can imput quota and bonus schedules, and the software automatically calculates the quotas and commissions for the entire sales team. Sales representatives can also access their sales data and track their own progress. When sales teams can access their own records, they are in control of their own incentives, and they will be more motivated to meet sales quotas. Sales managers can also have more trust in the system and be confident that their teams are working hard to meet objectives.  

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