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Corporate President’s Club Incentives

Managing Corporate President’s Club Incentives

President’s Clubs, Chairman’s Clubs and Achiever Clubs are powerful motivational programs that encourage sales team members to go the extra mile. Regardless of what incentive you offer to your top performers, the goal is one most will work to achieve. Glocent takes the competition a step further with automatic reports that calculate the leader board and reward top performers.

While calculating incentive payments for President’s Clubs and other rewards systems can be a challenge with old fashioned incentive compensation management systems, Glocent can handle the calculations easily. Glocent is designed to work with complex compensation schedules and non-revenue sales management objectives that are usually difficult to quantify.

President’s Club Management Tool

Management of President’s Club rewards systems is also seamless. Glocent allows users to set complex compensation plans and provides the ability to make adjustments to those plans at any time. With Glocent, authorized users can manage bonus and reward incentive schedules and change employee information with the click of a button. Glocent can even provide analysis of sales incentive compensation strategies so that sales managers can see which programs are the most effective.

View Reports Anywhere

Glocent generates reports immediately when commissions and other incentives are calculated. These reports are available on the web, and permission to view each report is determined by the client. Granting team members access to the report listing top performers encourages the sales team to work harder to see their names climb the list. Glocent’s web-based access also allows sales professionals the ability to view their incentive reports using a mobile device.

Transparency at the speed you do business!