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The process for establishing incentive schedules, rolling them out to the sales force, incorporating new rules and policies and monitoring the impact they have on a business can vary greatly from company to company. In every case, however, you can count on changes being made over time. Sometimes those changes may only occur on an annual basis; but more often than not, they change much more frequently—in some cases every few weeks.

With home-grown systems, this often requires the involvement of your IT department to incorporate new quota thresholds, incentive rates, business rules, campaign-related spiffs, hierarchical structures, and all the variables that can play into incentive calculations. Since IT departments are not structured to quickly accommodate ad-hoc requests, making such simple modifications can often take weeks or months to build into a process flow and adequately test.

Third-party solutions, which are not specifically geared to the complex and dynamic nature of incentive management may also require code changes in order to support such modifications. It is Glocent’s philosophy, however, to provide a solution that puts control of such activities directly in the hands of the business unit. As a result, our clients can typically make ninety-nine percent of all the modifications within the application without any external help.

In those instances where clients wish to make modifications and are unsure how to make them, or would like our support techs to watch over their shoulder when modifications are made, Glocent provides that service at no additional cost. Either the subscription fee or the annual maintenance fee will cover all support activities. Because Glocent is so well designed, there is no need for us to charge additional fees to ensure that the solution is appropriately maintained and fully supported.

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