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My primary role is…

IT Manager

Since you fill the roll where the rubber truly meets the road, it makes sense for us to simply have a candid conversation about how Glocent will impact your responsibilities.

You currently may have responsibility for overseeing dozens of systems and tens of millions of records; or you may be a one-man organization trying to just keep up with the data requirements associated with a growing company. In either event, I would like to invite you to explore Glocent for a few minutes; and discover how cost-effectively it can simplify your life.

Here is what we can offer to you:

  • Remove all support of your present compensation management processes.
  • Guarantee full transparency into the transactional data and processes.
  • Reduce overhead costs associated with incentive processing.
  • Proofs of concepts or pilot implementations to demonstrate capabilities.
  • Web solution that can be hosted or installed at your location.
  • Eliminate ad-hoc requests from your sales and marketing teams to change the process.
  • No expectation that you will need to support or maintain any element of Glocent.
  • Full Tier-One support of your incentive processing.
  • Guaranteed positive ROI so you can free up resources for other projects.


Pilot Implementations


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Transparency at the speed you do business!