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Glocent’s ROI

Each department may look at ROI slightly different than another. While everyone wants each expense or investment to produce positive results, not every change is viewed the same.

Some things to consider when evaluating ROI are:

  • Departmental budgets, and who actually benefits from the investment.
  • How will it be measured?
  • Within what timeframe is the ROI expected?
  • How much control do you have over what is invested and the returns it generates?

When it comes to software purchases, these are all relevant questions to ask before a company should move forward.

In one case, with which I am familiar, a forward-thinking CIO was hired to consolidate many disparate functions within a company, and bring all the company’s data processing into the twenty-first century. He elected to standardize all processes under one large vendor’s suite of applications.

The decision was made to purchase the new systems. The expectation was, that by using one vendor to provide all the software support that the company needed, if any problems arose, the solution was just one phone call away. Unfortunately for the CIO, and many others that would be impacted by the decision, the software vendor wasn’t able to easily replace some of the existing solutions. In one case, it was forced to acknowledge that one of its modules could not support the company’s requirements; so a large software integration company was brought in to custom build a solution. The net result: exponentially higher costs, a frustrated user base; and less functionality than what had existed before.

I am sure that IT departments everywhere are familiar with such a scenario; but you might ask what this has to do with ROI? Clearly this process did not have a positive one.

If you are looking for an automated compensation management solution, Glocent guarantees a positive ROI, within a specific period of time, while removing the risk associated with change. We understand that there is more to the cost of installing a new system than its price tag. If we don’t prove ourselves, we take on all the risk and the loss.

When you purchase Glocent, we eliminate the unknowns and perform against your business needs; not empty promises. As many of our clients have experienced, you begin implementing Glocent without the fear of surprises and costly deficiencies; and you may possibly realize a 100% ROI as soon as it goes into production!

Transparency at the speed you do business!