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Having worked in an internal IT department during the first few years of my professional career, I can understand the sentiments often expressed by the IT staff when they hear that their company has purchased a new software application from a third-party vendor. Past Experience would suggest that you are about to inherit somebody else’s money pit.

You likely already find yourselves in the position of trying to keep current, but outdated, systems operationally relevant; you are regularly diverted away from critical tasks to respond to ad-hoc requests that have to be completed “yesterday”; and, even when you are able to put your best foot forward, the results aren’t quite what was expected. It can all be rather frustrating.

After working in an internal IT role, and as a custom builder of financial software applications, one of my priorities for Glocent was to help you avoid this ubiquitous situation. The application needed to be easily installed, add no extra burden to the IT department and owned by the business unit running it. The net result is that the only impact Glocent will have on your IT department is to set up the hardware configuration (if it is located behind your firewall), work with us to collect the necessary data that will be imported into Glocent, and ensure that those data feeds are either sent to Glocent or we are provided access to retrieve the data ourselves.

Your team will never be expected to make any modifications to the solution. If changes are desired, which the business unit can’t perform itself, our support engineers will assist with such modifications, most often, without any additional cost. Our licensing agreement includes such support; and we encourage users to draw upon our expertise. We prefer to take the time to ensure that our clients maximize Glocent’s capabilities; rather than discover that they aren’t, because an administrator was afraid to ask for help. We view our clients as partners, and fully understand that our success is dependent upon theirs.

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