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ICM Software Return On Investment

When it comes to IT solutions, Return On Investment, or ROI, is the monetary gain a company will get from installing a particular piece of technology versus what they pay out to have the software installed. The return on investment can be significant with software that automates business processes that were normally performed by administrative staff because it can perform these processes in a fraction of the time of a person. Many software developers will also make sure that their IT solutions integrate with other business process software to make installation affordable and seamless for their clients. Glocent, an automated incentive compensation management IT solution, offers excellent ROI because the software eliminates costs while in use and offers significant installation discounts on certain features. The first way that an automated incentive compensation management IT tool like Glocent offers savings to companies is by eliminating time spent calculating commission and bonus payments. Without a software solution, administrative and payroll staff used to spend hours poring over outdated spreadsheets in order to calculate incentive payments. Over-payment of sales incentives can also cost companies money, as well as errors in payments that take time to fix. An automated incentive compensation calculation program will offer a significant ROI just for eliminating these administrative costs, but these software solutions are also surprisingly cost-effective to install. Glocent, for example, is installed either on a company's server at their headquarters and accessed remotely by computers anywhere via a secure Internet connection. This means that companies don't have to pay for installation on individual computer systems in various offices, and sales professionals can access their incentive compensation reports from anywhere. Glocent's proprietary upload system can also pull sales data from other business software, allowing for even more savings. Glocent has also partnered with business software giant SAP to provide their clients with seamless integration of software systems and a significant discount on installation. Automated incentive compensation management systems like Glocent offer companies significant return on investment both in initial installation costs and savings over time.

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