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Human Resources Director

As the HR Director, your team bears the direct responsibility of closing the gap between theory and reality, when it comes to employee compensation. Members of your company’s executive team establish policies and procedures for carrying out that task; but it is your responsibility to create and follow the logistics to accomplish it.

You may not have a great deal of input regarding the sales plans created to motivate your sales force, you may not have much influence in the way your sales force is compensated, and you may not even manage the solution that calculates the incentives; but you are specifically accountable for ensuring that the proper steps are taken to convey compensation plans to your employees, and that they are paid according to those plans.

How beneficial would it be to have one system that not only manages the entire compensation process; but provides complete transparency to all it affects at any given moment? How much liability can you reduce simply by bringing accountability to what is often a “black hole” in your company’s financial processes? As the quarterback of your HR team, you deserve to both know the plays that have been designed; but also be able to review what happened after each play.

Too often, this responsibility becomes undermined by influences over which you may not have direct control. A challenge that has been emerging over the past five years is the oft-repeated bait-n-switch tactic vendors use to promote what you want but ultimately provide something different. This can become a nightmare if new technology ultimately limits progress; but even worse complicates the present.

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