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Defeat your Enemies or make them your Allies

As discussed in the introduction of this section, your enemies are primarily the restrictions, inflexibility, complexity and inaccuracy inherent in your current process or system. Either you are handcuffed to a spreadsheet-based process that is comprised of unmanageable and unauditable formulas that produce a mountain of paperwork and a constant flow of errors; or, you are laboring under the weight of a poorly designed system that can’t adapt to the dynamic environment of incentives and is mistrusted and despised by all who touch it.

In either case, the results are often the same: long hours trying to compensate for the inefficiencies and limitations of the system, and dissatisfied employees calling to complain.

The good news is that is all about to change! With Glocent you will quickly come to appreciate the full range of features and functionality that will simplify your job. With a fully automated and auditable solution, you will immediately eliminate the paperwork and guesswork that consumed so much of your time.

The transparency of Glocent also expedites the incentive payment process to such a significant extent that most users are able to significantly reduce the time between when a pay cycle ends and the sales compensation calculations are ready to send to payroll. In many cases, that time can be reduced from weeks to just a few days. This also includes virtually eliminating the dispute resolution process after payments are made; because most all disputes are resolved before the data is sent to payroll. Suddenly, you’ll find that time is now on your side…

Most important, however, is how you will be able to win over your colleagues who believed you were responsible for inaccurate payments in the past. Since everyone who is impacted by the incentive management solution will have the necessary access to view the details behind the payments, much of the frustrations and misperceptions associated with those past errors will be replaced by appreciation and cooperation.

Administrators quickly come to love Glocent!


Transparency at the speed you do business!