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How Glocent Can Help

In today’s dynamic corporate world, managing incentive programs is a daunting task. Accurate and effective sales transaction analysis is vital to proper accounting and sales force motivation. While virtually every business employs some element of variable pay to motivate its sales force, a misdirected incentive management program will quickly, and often secretly, undermine a company’s bottom line. Glocent is a global application designed to streamline, and bring transparency to, the incentive compensation management (ICM) process. In addition to uncovering critical sales transaction intelligence for company strategists, Glocent simplifies incentive management with an easy to use, web-based, program that aligns the sales force with the organization’s business objectives.

Glocent Benefits Business

Glocent is designed to replace the time-consuming and archaic methods of compensation management, such as spreadsheets and inflexible internal auditing systems; and create a powerful sales transaction intelligence (STI) collection tool that significantly reduces costly errors and payroll disputes while compiling previously untapped sales information. With Glocent, you can expect:


Glocent Benefits Sales Teams

With Glocent, commission and incentive evaluation processes are fully automated, giving the sales team the freedom to go after sales instead of worrying about their commissions. Key features that benefit both sales managers and the sales team include:

  • Accurate view of sales activities and trends
  • Reduced commission disputes
  • Automated dispute resolution
  • Increased confidence in accuracy
  • Daily dashboard to review and track sales goals

Glocent’s 100% Money Back Guarantee

Glocent commits to exceed your expectations; and backs its performance with a 100% satisfaction, money-back, guarantee.

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