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How Cloud Computing Benefits Businesses

One of the newest buzzwords in the IT world is “cloud computing,” and this new form of computing can make common business software solutions like business process, sales performance or incentive compensation management software run more smoothly. These virtual products allow companies to run more efficiently and keep every one from management to sales representatives on the same page. Cloud computing refers to the storage of company data or software in “the cloud,” or a server that can be accessed through the Internet. This server can be physically located at the company's headquarters, or it can be located at the software developer's site. With the high connection speeds available today, hosting software on a server instead of individual computers can often be more efficient. When the software needs updates, they can be deployed in the cloud instead of having to update each individual machine in every office. This saves companies money on IT service as well as the initial installation of the software. Other changes can also be made to the software in one central location, and then every user is instantly on the same page. For example, Glocent, a server-hosted incentive compensation management solution, allows users with certain access privileges to implement or modify sales commission schedules for sales teams. The team is then instantly updated on the new schedule, so they know what to expect on pay day. Cloud computing also offers instant access to things like sales data and incentive compensation reports from any mobile device or computer. Glocent allows sales representatives to access reports of their sales activity and incentive compensation from their laptop or mobile device so they can get a quick burst of motivation and make financial plans on the go. This keeps representatives involved in their own success and informed about the latest sales objectives. With cloud software, companies can reduce overhead and increase sales.

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