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How Business Process Software Helps Companies

Both small and large businesses should use the latest technology to stay on top of the latest business trends, but many business owners are confused about how business process software can help them grow. It's common for small businesses to begin their ventures doing things the old fashioned way with spreadsheets, but as they grow, companies have to change the way they do things. Software like incentive compensation management or customer relationship management solutions can help companies perform internal and external processes more efficiently and save money. Managers and business owners my think that they are saving money with paper accounting or spreadsheets, but software can automate many business processes that used to drain company resources with administrative man hours. Automated business process software like the incentive compensation management software offered by Glocent offers a significant return on investment or ROI to companies. This means that the initial installation costs of the software are paid for in the savings the software provides. How can software help companies grow and save them money? By performing tasks like calculating sales incentive compensation that used to take administrative staff days to complete. Any company that has a sales team who gets paid commissions, bonuses or other incentives needs software that will calculate these incentives. Software can also save companies money in terms of payment errors and disputes. Using old fashioned methods, incentive compensation payments could be late or simply wrong. This leads to sales representatives filing payroll disputes, which cost the company even more when they have to pay administrative staff more to fix the problem. With automatically calculated sales incentive payments, companies save money. Many kinds of automated business process software like Glocent's incentive compensation management software will also work together. For example, Glocent has an upload feature that pulls current sales data from sales software like SAP and uses this data to calculate sales incentives. With these kinds of features, different software solutions work together to help companies do business more efficiently.

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