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How Business Process Management software is changing the business world

In the days before cloud computing and business process IT solutions, businesses had to rely on spreadsheets for record keeping and use clunky computer programs for analyzing data. Management had to spend hours calculating important data like sales incentive compensation, and they had to manage workflow and develop new corporate objectives using other outdated business tools. Today, this has all changed. Business process management solutions like SAP business software or Glocent ICM software allow companies to automate important processes like recordkeeping, transactions, workflow and incentive compensation. With these powerful business software tools, a company can track all their sales data and workflow on computer, getting up to the moment reports of all business processes. Management can use this data to develop new programs to increase efficiency and sales. Companies also save thousands of dollars in administrative costs with BPM software solutions. These days, powerful BPM software solutions are also hosted in one central location. Cloud computing allows companies to host powerful IT solutions on servers and let management and employees access the software from secure internet connections. This eliminates the need for costly and time consuming software updates on individual machines and lets everyone see the same accurate and timely data. Glocent’s incentive compensation management software uses all of these new business process trends to help companies manage their sales force. With Glocent, companies have an automated system that tracks sales, provides timely and accurate reports and manages incentive compensation like commissions, quotas and bonuses. Not only does Glocent streamline incentive compensation management, but it offers sales executives a way to manage sales performance as well. Glocent is not only an ICM tool, but a Sales Performance Management tool that is on the cutting edge of business process management trends.

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