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Glocent Partners with SAP

The leader in innovative software solutions for Incentive Compensation Management, Glocent, is partnering with SAP to help companies integrate all their business processes. SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, and they have been providing seamless data processing products for large and small businesses since 1972. Their software solutions help businesses automate various business processes from human resources processes to sales performance management. Glocent has partnered with SAP to integrate their incentive compensation management software with SAP’s software solutions. SAP provides companies with software to track sales, keep accurate records of sales activity and analyze sales data. IT software solutions from SAP include automated business processes like inventory, contracts and business document tracking, sales, human resources, call tracking and many more. Glocent wants to offer extra savings and service to customers who are using SAP software for other processes. Glocent has partnered with SAP to provide businesses with an automated incentive compensation system that seamlessly integrates with their existing SAP software. We are working closely with SAP developers to create an easy to use interface between their software products and Glocent, allowing for a plug-in ICM solution that works smoothly with SAP’s powerful business tools. For companies already using SAP software, this partnership will provide significant savings in configuring Glocent. The Glocent software can easily integrate with SAP software because of our proprietary data loading process. Glocent 4.2 can import data from the SAP software and allow management to analyze sales data and understand how incentive compensation affects sales performance. With Glocent, sales executives have the data they need to develop innovative incentive compensation management strategies that will align their sales force with new corporate objectives.  

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