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Mobile Enabled

Mobile Enabled

In today’s business world, many corporations are looking for IT solutions for every business process. In the past, there were IT solutions for billing, management, HR, payroll and sales, but a comprehensive sales incentive management solution was lacking.

Incentive Management Tool Created by Glocent

When founder and president, Alan Marrott, saw a need in the business community for an incentive management IT solution, he created Glocent, an automated incentive compensation calculation and analysis tool that provides companies with accurate sales transaction intelligence collection capabilities, incentive calculation and reports.

A Web-Based Solution

In 2007, Marrott redesigned Glocent to be a fully web-based solution, allowing global access to Glocent’s capabilities using any web browser or smart phone. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming installation and technical support for programs on individual computers. Web-based programs also allow users of all levels to access Glocent’s features wherever they happen to be, whether that’s in the office or on the road.

The Future is Mobile

Now Glocent is mobile enabled, and users can view reports and make incentive management system changes from any mobile device that can connect to the Internet, including:

  • Laptops
  • Smart phones
  • Tablet PCs
  • iPads
  • iPods

With this new mobile functionality, sales representatives can check their commission reports on the go and get quick motivation to make more sales. Managers can access detailed sales incentive activity reports during meetings to double-check or share information. Glocent’s accurate reports can also be downloaded in spreadsheet or PDF format for distribution.

Glocent is the global web-based Incentive Compensation Management solution designed to meet the needs of companies on the cutting edge of business technology. With Glocent, companies can see their sales and incentive compensation data from anywhere, at any time.

Transparency at the speed you do business!