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Glocent Founder Alan Marrott Speaks to CXO Europe

In a recent executive interview at leading business solutions magazine CXO Europe, Glocent founder and president Alan Marrott spoke about his Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) philosophy. The interview, titled “Solving Compensation Management,” covered topics such as how Glocent’s ICM solutions benefit businesses, the future of global business solutions and the need for transparency in financial records. According to Marrott, Glocent helps businesses in several ways. As part of the new wave of automated business process software solutions, Glocent helps businesses cut costs and increase revenue by eliminating wasteful internal processes and sales incentive overpayments. By streamlining their compensation and sales performance management strategies, the software also allows businesses to implement more profitable strategies and increase sales. Marrott talks about how new business software solutions have allowed businesses to automate many previously manual processes and how Glocent fits into this trend. Automated processes allow businesses to more accurately record and track sales data in real time so that they can analyze this data and better “compile critical business intelligence.” The Glocent software uses that intelligence to accurately calculate sales incentives and help sales executive develop better motivational and sales strategies. Marrott acknowledges that new legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the recent downturn in the economy has changed the way businesses keep and use financial records. Transparency is especially important, internally and externally. That’s why he developed Glocent to provide 100% and SOX legislation compliant financial records. Not only do accurate records provide crucial legal transparency, but they also increase trust and employee retention among sales teams.

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