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Glocent Features


“From a company perspective, I found that at all levels in the organization everyone is incredibly helpful they come to understand exactly what our business was all about.”

Features that are expected

Flexible plan rules *
Ability to model plans

  • Spiffs
  • Worksheets give immediate results
    Hosted or In-house offerings
    Web based
    Online reporting
    Output extracts (file instead of reports )
    Hierarchy management *
  • Vertical, horizontal, virtual
    Managing Splits
    Manager roll ups
    Multiple sales groups and commission periods
    Client control of Glocent access to all users (user type)
    Breadth of user information allowed for commissioning purposes *
  • Where Glocent really excels
  • Accurate view into sales activities, which leads to increased sales revenues
  • Significantly reduce commission disputes. Spend more time increasing sales.
  • Automated dispute resolution Credibility behind incentive payments
  • Eliminate mistrust of commission process and the practice of “shadow accounting”.
  • Daily dashboard available for sales force to review and track sales

Transparency at the speed you do business!