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Virtual Organizations

Benefiting Virtual Organizations

Companies that work virtually need sophisticated IT solutions to streamline all types of business processes from HR to sales performance management. Virtual organizations can face unique challenges when it comes to online business process solutions. Working in the world of virtual business can be exciting, but also challenging when companies have employees in different time zones and complex web-based business process systems.

Glocent is the answer for virtual organizations looking for a streamlined, effective sales incentive management tool that can be accessed by users in different locations. Glocent’s innovative web-based incentive compensation management software provides virtual organizations with a painless way to calculate, track, analyze and modify sales incentives using a company’s own sales data.

Virtual Solutions for Virtual Organizations

Glocent’s approach benefits virtual organizations in several different ways, including:

  • Creation and tracking of virtual products
  • Tracking sales and splits among virtual structures used for campaigns and promotions
  • Sales data uploads in various formats lets companies base their incentive compensation calculations on accurate and detailed sales information.
    Glocent’s accurate and reliable sales incentive calculations are performed on the server.
  • Incentive compensation activity and sales data are available for viewing on the web, on your mobile device or downloads in various file formats.
  • Secure web access to all of Glocent’s features allows virtual organizations the ability to view or download reports, manage incentive plans and update employee data from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile functionality provides secure access to any user with a device that can connect to the Internet.
  • Glow Teknologies’ hosted solution eliminates the need for additional hardware purchases.
  • Glocent’s support of global companies means that the software can accommodate local languages and currencies as defined by the user.
  • Reliable customer support answers questions and solves problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Glocent, virtual organizational structures no longer need be an added challenge for your incentive management process. Dotted-line hierarchies are supported to enable management roll-ups and inter-organizational sales splits to reflect virtual organizations.

Many organizations struggle to track promotional sales activities that are created across sales groups, where members of multiple sales teams are temporarily joined to promote a new offering. Using Glocent’s unique capability to support virtual business organizations, splits, management roll-ups s and interdepartmental sales transaction intelligence gathering is not a problem. Glocent is the incentive management solution for companies on the cutting edge of technology.

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