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Glocent’s Seamless ICM Process

Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) processes like calculating sales commissions, quotas and bonuses used to be anything but simple or seamless. Sales representatives had to report their own sales on spreadsheets, and then sales managers had to review their reports. Then spreadsheets were sent to the administrative staff to calculate sales incentive payments based on schedules provided by the sales managers. Finally, incentive compensation payments could be sent to payroll and eventually make their way into the hands of the sales teams. This process was time consuming, expensive and prone to error. As an innovative incentive compensation management software solution, Glocent offers an easy process for sales managers, executives and sales teams to manage incentive compensation. Gone are the error-prone and clunky spreadsheets of the past. Glocent uses real time sales data to track sales and instantly calculate incentive compensation based on easily managed schedules. Our innovative software even provides accurate and reliable reports to any user who needs them. With Glocent, a company’s incentive management compensation process is simple and integrated. First, authorized users upload sales data from an internal or even external source to the software through an easy to use import function. Sales managers with the right authorization can then input incentive compensation management strategies like commission schedules, sales quotas or bonuses. Glocent then automatically calculates incentive compensation payments and generates reports. Different authorizations allow users like sales representatives or executives to view different reports. For example, a sales executive can access complete reports of all sales and incentive activity for all sales teams in order to analyze sales performance. A sales representative can also log into the software remotely on their laptop and access their personal report that lists their progress towards sales goals and upcoming incentive compensation payments.  

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