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Alan Marrott, President and CEO

A founder and president of Glocent, Alan Marrott has been working in international IT development and consultant management for over 25 years. Mr. Marrott has managed international development, been a leader of American Management Systems’ European Management team, built and maintained CRM, Compensation and Billing systems before founding Glocent in July of 2001.

“To know that something we have created can accommodate the complexities and dynamic requirements of the most complex programs and make it not only manageable, but profitable, brings me great satisfaction.”

Al Latif, Board Chairman

With over 28 years of corporate leadership and international management experience, Mr. Latif brings his vision to Glocent, applying his expertise at building successful businesses. Before coming to Glocent, Mr. Latif was CEO and founder of Authentor Systems, a managing partner at AFIG Group and Vice President at EDS.

“Vision and inspiration are not limited to prophets. When it comes to everyday business, great leaders possess great vision, find inspiration and create faith in the ability for the organization to accomplish the great things it sets out to do.”


Tim Metzger, Director of International Business Development and Operations

Mr. Metzger brings a wealth of experience from his work as an engineer, a manager and a CRM consultant with companies from GTE to Microsoft. As the Director of International Business Development and Operations, Mr. Metzger helps clients from all over the world understand how Glocent can meet their incentive compensation management needs.

“Never before, have I seen a single product cause more polarization within a company; either Glocent is recognized as an absolute necessity to achieve a competitive advantage, or its value remains shrouded by out-dated incentive management paradigms. Executives and managers who look to the future and understand how to create long-term profitability recognize a very direct, applicable correlation.”

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