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Stop the Unwanted Calls

What would your life be like if you could seriously reduce or even eliminate the calls you now receive complaining about inaccurate commission checks? Perhaps in your organization you are designated as the contact person for the sales team to call if someone thinks that a check is inaccurate. Or, maybe your company policy requires the sales team to contact their manager, who, after becoming quite frustrated, calls you to complain. Either way, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable environment.

Glocent’s ability to bring full transparency to an otherwise rather opaque process allows the full spectrum of people involved, from the senior manager to the sales rep to see all the details that you see. This capability naturally shifts the ownership of complaints and disputes away from your desk back to the sales organization. In many cases, our clients have actually adopted new policies that require the sales force to use Glocent’s automated dispute resolution module to log, document, approve and resolve disputes without involvement of the commissions administrator. The administrator’s only involvement is to ensure that the resolution is accurately recorded in Glocent.

Transparency at the speed you do business!