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Pilot Implementations

Do you know from personal experience, or from a peer’s experience, the frustration that comes from purchasing software that is intended to solve a growing challenge, only to see it create new ones? You are not alone.

Quite often, we encounter this when companies contact us inquiring about Glocent. They tell us of disappointing experiences dealing with other vendors who tell the prospects what they want to hear; but simply fail to deliver what they promised. That approach to sales may be rooted in the methods used by former custom solution providers, which often adopted the practice of delivering only seventy percent of what was promised, for one hundred and fifty percent of the cost.

In order to mitigate this risk, Glocent offers pilot implementations to validate its capabilities before a business commits to a company-wide implementation. We are so confident in Glocent’s ability to meet any incentive management challenge that we are willing to assume your risk.

Don’t let the bad experiences of the past, or the uncertainty of the present, prevent you from taking the critical step of installing Glocent and protecting and expanding the life blood of your company.

Transparency at the speed you do business!