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Eliminate the Paperwork

How much easier would your work be if you didn’t have to shuffle a mountain of paperwork, try to manage and modify Excel formulas that were a block long and created by someone else, or respond to all the complaints that result from the cumbersome manual processes that greet you every morning?

Take heart, there is help on the way. Glocent’s ability to automate the entire process, bring transparency to all those who depend upon or touch the incentive management process, and eliminate the inherent inaccuracies found in manual processing can completely transform your world! Instead of feeling like the punching bag for a situation you didn’t create, you could soon become everyone’s hero.

Glocent is designed to accept data feeds from any number of sources in any variety of formats. With that capability, it brings full transparency to data that, until now, is often nothing more than cryptic characters that carry little meaning unless you are a computer. Using Glocent’s proprietary data loader, this information becomes instantly useful and, perhaps more importantly, available.

Once in Glocent’s database, the data can be reviewed, modified and validated by anyone authorized to do so. Additionally, any modifications are tracked and associated with those who made them and when. You can’t do that with paper!

Next, you will experience the relief of setting up business rules without the need to create and manage block-long Excel formulas. Using Glocent’s friendly user interface, you will be able to change hierarchies, products definitions, sales plan elements and any other aspect of the incentive process usually by doing nothing more than clicking your computer mouse.

Once the incentives are ready to be calculated, Glocent will let you know which plans will be used, and, depending upon the size of your organization, will produce preliminary results in a few minutes for you to review. (Glocent can apply incentive rules to tens of thousands of sales records and calculate commissions for hundreds of sales reps in just a few minutes.) This allows everyone to review the results days before the incentive data needs to be submitted to payroll.

The result is that there are no surprises when checks are paid, disputes are significantly reduced and quickly addressed, and most important, everyone can review his or her commission statements on line or even using a smart phone or tablet. This transfers the responsibility of ensuring commission accuracy back to the individual sales rep; because they now have the necessary information available to them.

Transparency at the speed you do business!