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In order to accommodate data being imported from many different sources, and the inherent errors that can be contained in such disparate data, it is inevitable that your compensation administrators will need to make modifications to the data contained in Glocent. These can range from minor adjustments to correct errors embedded in the billing, order processing, or other data sources. It may also include modifications to account for limitations found in other systems, which can’t account for multiple sales reps selling to the same account, commission splits, manual claw backs, or simply making manual adjustments to account for corrections.

In each case, Glocent understands the importance of creating an audit trail of any changes being made to your sales plans, product definitions, or sales transaction data. Regardless of the change that is made within the system, Glocent’s logging process will account for the change that was made, who made it; and requires a comment being entered for any change that impacts the incentive record.

Transparency at the speed you do business!