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As a member of your company’s finance department, your interest in the Sales Compensation Management (SCM) process undoubtedly centers around the bottom-line impact incentives have on profitability. While your sales managers may focus on increasing revenues through using more creative sales incentive plans, your focus may be drawn to the cost of those incentives; or, more importantly, the net benefit or cost new incentives have on your business’ profitability.

Have you already made the observation that not all incentives are created equal? Our analysis of clients’ existing sales plans commonly reveals a disconnect between actual sales force behavior and corporate sales strategies, costs affiliated with sales that go undetected, artificial sales that result from sales forces “gaming” sales plans; and perhaps most costly, sales strategies based on inaccurate sales transaction intelligence.

The Glocent solution is built around these critical, yet often overlooked, business issues that directly impact profitability. Regardless of your present role, if you are considering investing in an automated SCM solution, you are likely to ask yourself:

  • Will it support our current requirements?
  • How difficult is it to modify without adding to our IT department’s existing responsibilities?
  • How long will it take to realize a full ROI on our investment?
  • Can we be confident that it is completely accurate and transparent?

While these are important questions to explore when considering the investment in an automated SCM solution, they, along with other financially-based questions, could directly impact your responsibilities. If you would like to learn more about how Glocent can directly benefit your finance team, please click on the appropriate link below:

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