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Transparency at the Speed You do Business

If you are looking for a solution that is guaranteed to support every aspect of your company’s sales compensation strategy, provide full transparency of the process for all who rely on it, and opens the door to leverage the sales profitability intelligence that resides in your sales data, you have arrived at the right place. Not only that, we will support those objectives “AT THE SPEED YOU DO BUSINESS!”

It’s no secret that the world continues to change at a faster pace than it did just the year before. Technology is accelerating the change on every front. Consider the innovations that occurred in the 1800s to the 1900s. Light bulbs, radio, television, and even flight changed our world in remarkable fashion. But now consider what has happened in the past decade: IPods, IPads, video conferencing, televisions on your wrist, hand-held devices with as much computing power as mainframe computers that used to fill up several rooms in a building.

Now apply all that innovation to how your sales compensation management process has evolved during the same time. If you are like most executives, you are still tolerating an antiquated process based on spreadsheets or a system that simply can’t keep up with the times; or, you recently purchased a solution that appeared to have all the bells and whistles that reflected the sought-after technological advances, only to discover that you basically just bought bells and whistles.

Glocent stands alone as the only packaged SCM solution that will quickly and confidently bring your compensation management process into the 21st century. Its robust sales transaction analysis capabilities will provide immediate insight into your sales profitability intelligence. Its user controlled focus will allow you to adapt to new strategies, market pressures, innovations and customer requirements AT THE SPEED YOU NEED TO DO BUSINESS.


Transparency at the speed you do business!