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Leverage Your Strategic Advantage

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has asked you for information; and the thought came to your mind, “Sure I could give you that, if I had a crystal ball.”? Or, does your business, or market segment change so dynamically that you are constantly battling with your IT department to stay current with all the process modifications required to remain ahead of the competition? Consider this:

An innovative company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains developed something better than a crystal ball; and perhaps more impressive, offers a solution that can be completely managed by the business side of a company. The solution, thereby, eliminates the burden for ad-hoc programming modifications on your IT department.

Rather than being asked to trust the anecdotal directions of a crystal-ball-like process (where the details are never fully clear), Glocent allows you to peer into previously unavailable sales transaction and profitability intelligence, and examine every transaction to its most basic level. As a result, you will uncover a treasure of information which, through Glocent’s intelligent reporting capabilities, will translate into wise business decisions. It takes the guesswork out of strategic sales planning. It brings full transparency and credibility to your sales compensation management process. It changes behavior.

As anyone who manages an organization will tell you, “Information is power.” If you are not capturing critical sales profitability information at the transaction level, you are not leveraging one of your most powerful strategic resources. Install Glocent today; and feel the power!

Transparency at the speed you do business!