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In today’s dynamic, global business environment, effectively managing incentive programs can be a daunting task. Unlike outdated, home-grown commission calculation systems and the less-robust sales performance management applications, a true sales compensation management solution must be specifically designed with complex sales transaction analysis in mind. For, therein lies its true value; and without it, the system resorts back to being little more than a spreadsheet. If you are looking for a sales compensation solution, and you ever hear a software vendor mention any kind of concern about handling large amounts of data, buyer beware! A system intended to support the complex, dynamic environment of incentive compensation, should be designed to accommodate limitless amounts of data and business rules. As a result of decades of experience with compensation management, when Glocent’s founders set out to design a world-class incentive management solution, they knew that one basic criterion for a useful solution was that the system had to be able to import, process and store tens of millions of records every day. Otherwise, the solution would eventually hit a critical and debilitating brick wall somewhere down the road.

This fundamental requirement also plays into how effective a solution will be in providing meaningful analysis of the vast amount of transaction data that should be contained in a compensation management solution. Without the capability to import, process and house hundreds of millions of records, the most significant benefit gleaned from this data is lost. Perhaps the term “Sales Profitability Intelligence” is new to you; but what it represents is not.

Have you ever given much thought about the valuable information contained in your sales transactions? I suspect that you have; but the means to access it, until now, have been somewhat limited. As a result, companies are often left to manage by anecdote, rather than by fact or truth. Once users are able to thoroughly analyze their transaction details more effectively through Glocent “Intelligent Reporting” capabilities, they often realize that the previous data they had been using was often deceiving.

While virtually every business employs some element of variable pay to motivate its sales force, a misdirected sales compensation management (SCM) program will quickly, and often secretly, undermine a company’s bottom line. Glocent is a global application designed to streamline, and bring transparency to the compensation management process. In addition to uncovering critical sales profitability intelligence for company strategists, Glocent simplifies compensation management with an easy to use, web-based program that aligns the sales force with the organization’s business objectives.

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