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Europe Embraces CRM Solutions

Many workers and companies around the world have taken to the telecommute lifestyle. Businesses have embraced this by and large because it cuts overhead dramatically and it offers a higher quality of life for those in their employ. In no place does this seem to have taken more root than Europe, where 50.3% of all employees are being predicted to be at least mobile workers by 2013. (Via research firm IDC) European businesses, in turn are finding that they need CRM solutions that will work with these mobile platforms. Hardware, services and other applications that provide both the clients and the staff with the tools and support they need are key. Europe has already been on the cutting edge of the mobile migration, their numbers working remotely or mobile greatly surpassing not only the US but also other places in the world. Those employees are typically office based, though this also includes home-based and non-office based employees as well. Utilizing great CRM solutions has enabled European businesses to integrate not only smart phones but other devices into their strategy, giving them an edge not seen elsewhere. This is so partly due tot he ease in travel on that continent: it is easy for a sales person from France to simply board a train and do business in or from Spain. A flight from Switzerland to conduct business in Portugal and the list goes on and on. You can well imagine the efficiency of being able to spend those hours during travel actually conducting business and all of this is possible via excellent mobile applications in top notch customer relationship management software. The use of smartphones is actually very quickly surpassing other mobile devices and we are also seeing a tremendous amount marketing applications being highly successful. It seems only natural that sleek, very business friendly CRM solutions would follow suit, not only in Europe, but around the world. Even during the recent economic downturn of 2009, the CRM application market in Western Europe in particular bounced back with flying colors. The biggest trends in IT as we know it already involve software as a service and online means of engaging with customers. The social web, smart phones and other mobile devices have made it possible to do business from virtually anywhere and the CRM market is definitely booming as a result. With good reason: it puts the power of instant customer service, access to reports, sales figures and goals, as well as many other strategies right in the palm of your hand, anywhere you may be.

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