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Dispute Resolution

One of the more frustrating, time-consuming and costly aspects of old fashioned methods of incentive management has always been errors in incentive payments that lead to payroll disputes. Not only do incentive compensation disputes create more administrative costs, they can erode the trust of the sales team. Sales representatives that don’t trust that they will be compensated for their efforts accurately and in a timely manner will be less motivated to perform and likely pursue opportunities to game the system.

Reduce Incentive Disputes

With Glocent’s Sales Transaction Intelligence (STI) gathering capabilities, which promotes accurate sales incentive reporting and error-free incentive compensation calculations, both sales employees and management can trust that incentive payments will be consistent and reflective of true sales transaction data. Glocent can also handle complicated commission plans like split commissions or rewards incentives based on non-revenue sources. Sales managers and incentive administrators can also access commission details to make adjustments when needed. Employees can also access their incentive activity online, or on mobile phone, before payment is processed in order to double check records to eliminate payroll disputes before they arise.

Dispute Resolution Process

The detailed sales information used by Glocent not only creates accurate incentive compensation payments, but it can also lead to a smooth dispute resolution process. The incentive administration staff can easily track the sales process to find where the error occurred. Sales employees can fill out an online form that demonstrates that all sales activities that would lead to a commission have been completed. As the employee moves through this process, they will often find an error in some part of the sales process that would indicate that the sale had not been completed. Because both management and employees have access to incredibly detailed records of every sale and the incentives associated with them, disputes can be resolved before they even arise.

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