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Cloud On The Rise

Any time you read through any given business periodical, you'll note that there is a vast discussion going on about “cloud computing”. We have discussed it here quite a bit recently as it is definitely a trending business tool that has a great deal of merit. As with any other technological shift, for instance, open source or mobile computing, “cloud computing” can mean many different things. However, the cloud itself does usually refer to various services that are hosted remotely. These will usually be hosted on servers across the globe, and this allows for a scale of services that surpass most others in efficiency. The cloud does not work with independent silos, and it doesn't rely on any locally installed software. Chances are, if you're not sure that you've been using the cloud, you already are. If you've ever used Amazon eZ2 or Google Docs, you are already utilizing one of the cloud's many benefits. There is virtually no location these days that does not have some sort of high speed internet badwith readily accessible. What this means in terms of businesses is that the productivity of being able to connect, train and even work online has skyrocketed, meanwhile, costs have gone down. Regardless of how someone accesses the internet, either laptop, desktop, iPads or other mobile devices, these services can be used. The collaborative impact of all of this has been tremendous. You could be in the UK on a personal vacation and still be able to access work files from a simple login. Anyone collaborating on any project can work together, no matter where in the world they happen to be. This allows businesses to not only expand in a greater, more cost effective way, but also to take advantage of more global talent. Lastly, consider how reliable this makes everything. Some may remember that you'd have a single mission critical server, or even a data center to have to run a larger scale operation. This would also cause problems whenever a shut down of servers had to occur and the entire network could be down for days at times. Cloud set ups mean that networks can just continue moving on at the speed of your business, routing all of that traffic efficiently and with ease. If you've been considering what combining the power of an intelligent customer relationship management system with The Cloud can do for you, now has never been a better time to find out.

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