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Cloud Computing and CRM

Both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and cloud computing are hot terms in the business world today. CRM strategies use cutting edge technology solutions to automate many different business processes from sales to recordkeeping, and cloud computing is the newest IT trend. What is cloud computing and how can it help large companies with implementing CRM strategies? With cloud computing, companies no longer have to update software on every computer in the company. Software and data is stored on an off-site or a company server, and individual users access the software through secure internet connections. The company’s data and software are said to be hosted “in the cloud,” meaning the secure server. Cloud computing helps companies with customer relationship management by storing sales and other business data in a central location, allowing for increased integration. CRM software solutions that are hosted on servers instead of loaded on individual computers also allow for easy access to information and more quickly integrated business processes. With cloud computing, corporate users can work with CRM software from any computer and quickly take care of business. An increasing number of business processes are being automated by cloud computing software solutions. By logging into software, managers are able to access real time sales data and make instant changes to things like sales quota systems and incentive compensation schedules. With such easy access, sales managers and corporate executives can implement new CRM strategies with the click of a mouse. Instead of waiting weeks for new corporate objectives to trickle down through the management structure, the entire company can be on the same page within hours.  

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