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Commission Chargebacks

One of the most challenging incentive compensation management tasks to manage with old-fashioned spreadsheets is commission chargebacks. If your organization offers commission advances, it is imperative that the sales team is able to quickly access past sales reports to research problems with incentive payments. With outdated incentive management methods, it can be difficult and time consuming to initiate chargebacks to the correct employees. When split commissions are involved, the process becomes even more complex.

Chargebacks Simplified

Glocent simplifies the complex and arduous processes in your company’s incentive management, and the software is completely customizable to include commission chargebacks. The web-based software and mobile applications allow management to initiate chargebacks or commission adjustments from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Detailed Reporting

Glocent provides customizable reports that help you track all aspects of the compensation management process. Granting access to commission adjustment reports provides a level of transparency that fosters trust between the company and the sales team while minimizing disputes. Sales professionals can also view reports of incentive activity before payment is initialized, which can reduce payroll disputes due to chargebacks.

Payroll Dispute Resolution

Not only does Glocent allow for easy commission chargeback calculation, but the software also includes a seamless payroll dispute resolution process. This improved dispute process allows sales representatives to review the data for their sales and see how their incentives are calculated. The detailed nature of Glocent’s sales reports lets both sales employees and management track and analyze all commission paybacks and other incentive processes that can lead to disputes.

Transparency at the speed you do business!