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Benefits of Automated ICM Software For Virtual Organizations

In today's technology-reliant business world, companies that work virtually can't afford to lag behind the latest software developments, especially when it comes to internal business processes like incentive compensation management. The unique positioning of virtual businesses requires innovative solutions for business process software, including cloud-hosted software and automated calculations. Virtual organizations need powerful software solutions for their business processes, and they can benefit from software that offers mobile access to reports and calculations. Glocent provides this kind of software to meet the incentive compensation management needs of virtual organizations, offering not only automated sales incentive calculations but mobile access to accurate and timely reports. Because virtual businesses operate over the web, they may have sales employees all over the world who need to access their sales incentive information on the go. An ICM software solution that is has to be installed on individual computers simply won't work for this kind of business. The solution for these kinds of businesses is cloud computing, where IT solutions are hosted on a central server and accessed by any computer or mobile device through the Internet. The software performs all necessary calculations on the server and provides reports in different downloadable formats. With different levels of access, sales executives and representatives alike can both access the parts of the software that they need in order to get the job done. A virtual ICM solution offers other benefits to virtual organizations by tracking the sales of virtual products and calculating incentive compensation payments accurately. Glocent is compatible with SAP business process software, as well as offering easy upload options of raw sales data in many formats. The virtual software uses this raw sales data to calculate sales incentives so that they are accurate and free from human error or oversight. The software then compiles detailed reports of sales activity and makes them available to employees with appropriate access so that sales executives and managers can make informed decisions. These features make Glocent a perfect fit for virtual organizations.

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