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Advantages of Mobile CRM

Most people don't realize it but mobile is a great way to build the database for your CRM solution. Any database that includes the client base's mobile info is going to be that much more strong than those that do not. This is at the very least, an extra point of contact, but it's also more data that can be used both for the benefit of your brand and the customer, as well. Mobile campaigns work with opt in protocols. This advantage is only limited by the amount of information they're willing to give, and what you're willing to ask. However, those customers and clients that have opted into these programs make for stronger leads. The answer is simple- they're already interested in the brand and they are already giving important information to subscribe. This process also makes sure that there is a high level of interaction on the end of your CRM solution. This is because those who are involved in these programs have already given you their permission to be getting advertising. Because they have, it's much more likely that they're at the very least going to retain it, but the odds that they will actually act upon it are much higher. 24% of the mobile users in the United States respond to the mobile offers they get, and at least 38% actually remember those ads. There is also the one-on-one aspect that does offer a great deal of customer appeal. Any given mobile device is going to be seen as a very personalized piece of equipment for your clients. As such, privacy is a huge priority and must be upheld. This is where an effective CRM is going to come into play but also, your chance to connect with the client on a much more meaningful, personal level. This gives mobile marketing the edge on email marketing because users are much more likely to pay attention to the messages on their phone. This also allows you to be able to engage your customers in a greater way. Ultimately, you use your CRM solution to first learn about your given client base, and then, you can use mobile to further that end. The give and take that comes with a mobile application helps foster a sort of perpetual and more personal relationship with them. You gain the knowledge you need about the customer, they learn more about your brand. It's a win win situation.

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