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Incentives – when Close Enough is not Good Enough

As a sales organization, finance group or HR department, can you quantify the value of variable pay for company employees? While more and more companies are moving to one type of variable pay or another (commissions, bonuses, rewards, etc.), more often than not, our experience confirms that most managers and executives […]

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Getting Back to the Basics

By now, you are probably aware that CRM stands for customer relationship management. You probably also know that it's usually something that your entire company not only can benefit from, but should be utilizing on the whole as a strategy. An effective CRM is going to combine every bit of […]

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Customer Satisfaction

If you are a business that sees your client base as the number on priority, you realize that your customer relationships all hinge on being able to make certain calls. From forecasting sales by your representatives, to sales management, there are critical things that go into making a business run […]

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To The Cloud With a Quickness

We have discussed how use of cloud computing services is important to help your customer service professionals and sales teams to have all the information they need, quickly. Additionally, these services bolster help desks and reporting systems by allowing companies to better access many applications that are not only supported […]

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Pairing Social Media Powerhouses With CRM

You have likely noticed that the inevitable pairing of customer relationship management and social media. There are so many options for marketing and information gathering in social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that the possibilities are nearly endless. Such sites offer a terrific way to not only reach your […]

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