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Customer Relationship Management Is On The Upswing

Since the very beginning, customer relationship management, or CRM has been an ever evolving area of technology in which many companies have found exponential benefit. Its uses have grown well beyond just keeping contacts in order and have grown into helping to fully automate many facets of business. The benefits […]

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Cloud Customer Service

When your company utilizes cloud based customer service applications, it can then update the call center capabilities in some innovative ways. You no longer have to have your call center representatives dealing with a bunch of different spreadsheets or databases and this makes everything much more efficient. When your call […]

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Customer Relationships and Synergy

You may be familiar with the concept of synergy and how that impacts your day to day business operations. With the current market environment being the way it is, and in any economy, it is vital that solid relationships with customers and clients are forged. These are all things that […]

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Company Wide CRM

Customer relationship management is an important business strategy that is made just to reduce your costs and help improve your profits. This works on many levels, first, by organizing your entire infrastructure, but then on into helping to nail down customer loyalty. In its purest sense, a great CRM is […]

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Leveraging Social Media and CRM

At some point or another, we have all been put on hold. Nobody likes waiting, and really, who has the time or even the patience to wait to get the answers we need? This is actually just the thing that companies must consider when choosing a customer relationship management system. […]

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Automated Digital Marketing

Social media is booming, there is no doubt about that. Along with mobile networking as well as peer to peer review sites, users are more able than ever to not only get information on the brands, products and services they want, but to make use of that. Often, these same […]

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Advantages of Mobile CRM

Most people don't realize it but mobile is a great way to build the database for your CRM solution. Any database that includes the client base's mobile info is going to be that much more strong than those that do not. This is at the very least, an extra point […]

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Become a Sales Leads Leader

Any business knows that sales leads are the way to profit. You have to nurture those new leads, develop them so that you can ultimately capitalize on them and have things moving smoothly. If the information that you gather on sales leads isn't managed and finely organized, they may be […]

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